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Question 1: This voltage is often sufficient to cause an ________, or spark, to jump across an air gap separating the secondary's output terminals.
Electrostatic dischargeHydrogenLightningElectrical breakdown

Question 2: Induction coils were used to provide high voltage for early gas discharge and ________ and for X-ray research.
Crookes tubeCathode rayElectronX-ray tube

Question 3: The term 'induction coil' is also used for a coil carrying high-frequency AC producing eddy currents to heat objects placed in the interior of the coil, in ________ or zone melting equipment.
Induction furnaceCopperInduction heatingElectromagnet

Question 4: Then each secondary subcoil is coated with an insulating layer like ________, connected to the coil next to it, and slid onto the iron core, insulated from adjoining coils with paper disks.

Question 5: However their largest use was as the ignition coil or spark coil in the ________ of internal combustion engines, where they are still used, although the interrupter contacts are now replaced by solid state switches.
Naturally-aspirated engineThrottleIgnition systemCarburetor

Question 6: It is a type of electrical ________ used to produce high-voltage pulses from a low-voltage DC supply.
InductorNikola TeslaTransformerTransformer types

Question 7: An induction ________ consists of two coils of insulated copper wire wound around a common iron core.
Tesla coilTransformerCoilInductor

Question 8: An ________ is passed through the primary, creating a magnetic field.
Electric chargeElectric currentElectrical conductionMaxwell's equations

Question 9: The other coil, the ________, typically consists of many (thousands) turns of fine wire.
Nikola TeslaTransformerTransformer typesInductor

Question 10: An induction coil or "spark coil" (archaically known as a Ruhmkorff coil after Heinrich Ruhmkorff) is a type of disruptive discharge ________.
TransformerInductorCoilTesla coil

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