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Indonesian language: Quiz


Question 1: The first of these changes (‹oe› to ‹u›) occurred around the time of independence in 1947; all of the others were a part of an officially-mandated ________ in 1972.
English languageAlphabetDutch languageSpelling reform

Question 2:
What family does Indonesian language belong to?

Question 3: It is more ________ consistent than many languages—the correspondence between sounds and their written forms is generally regular.
PhoneticsPhonologyLinguisticsMorphology (linguistics)

Question 4:
Who of the following spoke at the Indonesian language?
about 200 million
about 40-45 million
about 500
about 500,000

Question 5:
What region does Indonesian language belong to?

Question 6: Indonesian is written using the ________.
Phoenician alphabetArabic alphabetLatin alphabetRunic alphabet

Question 7: The former colonial power, the ________, left an impressive vocabulary.

Question 8: ________ is the word for God even in Christian Bible translations.

Question 9: Plurals are expressed by means of ________, but only when the plural is not implied in the context.
Bengali languageProto-Indo-European languageInflectionReduplication

Question 10: Often, words like these (or certain suffixes such as "-a" and "-i" or "-wan" and "wati") are absorbed from other languages (in these cases, from Sanskrit through the Old ________).
Indonesian languageMalay languageJavanese languageIndonesia


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