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Question 1: [citation needed] Critics of religion, including ________, maintain that the children of religious parents are often unfairly indoctrinated.
The Selfish GeneThe God DelusionRichard DawkinsThe Ancestor's Tale

Question 2: ________ require a period of indoctrination before granting access to esoteric knowledge.
Greco-Roman mysteriesEarly ChristianityEleusinian MysteriesHellenistic religion

Question 3: Instruction in the basic principles of ________, in particular, can not properly be called indoctrination, in the sense that the fundamental principles of science call for critical self-evaluation and skeptical scrutiny of one's own ideas.
Scientific methodPseudoscienceSocial sciencesScience

Question 4: In the field of ________, indoctrination is the initial briefing and instructions given before a person is granted access to secret information.
Computer securityInformation securityISO/IEC 27002Cryptography

Question 5: These are easy to perceive in the totalitarian societies, much less so in the system of '________ under freedom' to which we are subjected and which all too often we serve as willing or unwitting instruments."[6]
BullyingPropagandaMind controlAnger

Question 6: Indoctrination is the process of inculcating ________, attitudes, cognitive strategies or a professional methodology (see doctrine).
René DescartesMartin HeideggerGottfried LeibnizIdea

Question 7: The process of subjecting children to complex initiation rituals before they are able to critically assess the event is seen by ________ and other critics of religion as cruel.
The God DelusionRichard DawkinsThe Selfish GeneThe Ancestor's Tale

Question 8: As a pejorative term it implies forcibly or coercively causing people to act and think on the basis of a certain ________.
AtheismReligionRelationship between religion and scienceSoul

Question 9: [3] The term is closely linked to ________; in common discourse, indoctrination is often associated with negative connotations, while socialization refers to cultural or educational learning.
SociologySocializationSocial constructionismCriminology

Question 10: [2] As such it is used pejoratively, often in the context of ________, theology or religious dogma.
Universal Declaration of Human RightsFreedom of thoughtFreedom of speechHuman rights

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