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Indochina: Quiz


Question 1: Indochina, or the Indochinese ________, is a region in Southeast Asia.
List of peninsulasCliffCape (geography)Headland

Question 2: It lies roughly east of India, south of ________.
Province (China)ChinaReligion in ChinaTime in China

Question 3: Today, most of these countries also show pronounced Western cultural influences which began during the period of Western colonialism in ________.
MalaysiaSingaporePhilippinesSoutheast Asia

Question 4: In a strict sense, Indochina comprises the territory of the former ________:
French IndochinaFrance–Vietnam relationsSino-French WarCochinchina

Question 5: Historically, the countries of Mainland Southeast Asia received cultural influence from ________ and India, but to varying degrees.
Time in ChinaChinaProvince (China)Religion in China

Question 6: Some Southeast Asian cultures, such as that of ________, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand are influenced mainly by the culture of India with a smaller influence from the culture of China.
MalaysiaCanadaCambodiaPapua New Guinea


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