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Question 1: Thus the Kushans lost their western territory (including ________ and Gandhara) to the rule of Sassanid nobles named Kushanshahs or "Kings of the Kushans".
Achaemenid EmpireSeleucid EmpireBactriaGreco-Bactrian Kingdom

Question 2: They were able to re-establish some authority after the Sassanids destroyed the ________ in 565 CE, but their rule collapsed under Arab attacks in the mid 600s.
Greco-Bactrian KingdomKushan EmpireAfghanistanHephthalite

Question 3: They were in turn displaced in 410 CE by the invasions of the ________.
SolankiHuna peopleGurjara-PratiharaKabul Shahi

Question 4: The Hephthalites dominated the area until they were defeated in 565 AD by an alliance between the ________ and Sassanids, and some Indo-Sassanid authority was re-established.
Old TurkicGöktürksOld Turkic scriptTurkic peoples

Question 5: The Kushano-Hephthalites or Turkshahis were replaced by the Hindu ________ in the mid 8th century.
Kushan EmpireIndo-ScythiansKabul ShahiGhaznavids

Question 6: ________ remained independent until the Arab invasions of India in the early 8th century.
SindhPunjab (Pakistan)KarachiPakistan

Question 7: The Indo-Sassanids, Kushano-Sassanids or Kushanshas (also Indo-Sassanians) were a branch of the Sassanid Persians who established their rule in the northwestern Indian subcontinent during the third and fourth centuries CE at the expense of the declining ________.
Pala EmpireGupta EmpireMaurya EmpireKushan Empire

Question 8: In 410 the ________ or Indo-Hephthalites conquered Bactria and Gandhara, thus temporarily replacing the Indo-Sassanids.
HephthaliteGreco-Bactrian KingdomAfghanistanKushan Empire


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