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Indo-Iranian languages: Quiz


Question 1:
What region does Indo-Iranian languages belong to?

Question 2: The so-called ________ saw Indo-Iranian languages disappear from Eastern Europe with the arrival of the Turkic-speaking Pechenegs and others by the eighth century AD.
Migration periodGermanic peoplesEarly Middle AgesByzantine Empire

Question 3: The Scythians were described by Roman writer Strabo as inhabiting the lands to the north of the ________ in present-day Ukraine, Moldova and Romania.
Mediterranean SeaBaltic SeaBlack SeaAegean Sea

Question 4: Their expansion is believed to have been connected with the invention of the ________.
ChariotRathaAncient history2nd millennium BC

Question 5: The river-names Don, Dnieper, ________ etc.

Question 6: The speakers of the Proto-Indo-Iranian language, the hypothetical Proto-Indo-Iranians, are usually associated with the late 3rd millennium BC Andronovo/Sintashta-Petrovka culture of ________.
Central AsiaSiberiaMiddle EastSouth Asia

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