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Indo-European languages: Quiz


Question 1: The Mycenaean civilization gives way to the ________.
Greek Dark AgesAncient GreeceAegean civilizationsMycenaean Greece

Question 2: The pre-Proto-Celtic Unetice culture has an active metal industry (________).
Nebra sky diskStonehengePrehistoric religionSun

Question 3:
What family does Indo-European languages belong to?
One of the world's major language families
language family descended from Proto-Mayan. See below for details.
One of the world's major language families.
recently proposed family of Australian languages.

Question 4: The Bronze Age reaches Central Europe with the ________, likely composed of various Centum dialects.
Neolithic EuropeMegalithBeaker cultureSpain

Question 5: ________, attested from the 14th century AD, and, for languages attested that late, they retain unusually many archaic features attributed to Proto-Indo-European (PIE).
Slavic languagesBaltsBaltic languagesArmenian language

Question 6: He included in his hypothesis Dutch, Greek, Latin, Persian, and German, later adding Slavic, Celtic and ________.
BaltsSlavic peoplesBaltic languagesArmenian language

Question 7:
Which out of the following is a child of Indo-European languages?

Question 8: Redaction of the ________ and rise of the Vedic civilization in the Punjab.
RigvedaVedasPurusha suktaMahabharata

Question 9: The hypothetical ________ system is complex and, like the noun, exhibits a system of ablaut.
Indo-European copulaNasal infixProto-Indo-European verbProto-Indo-European language

Question 10: The timeline of the evolution of the various daughter languages, on the other hand, is mostly undisputed, quite regardless of the question of ________.
Proto-Indo-European Urheimat hypothesesKurgan hypothesisAnatolian hypothesisProto-Indo-Europeans


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