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Question 1: Recent ________ measurement in Australia confirms the plate's movement as being 35 degrees east of north with a velocity of 67 mm/yr.
Inertial navigation systemCompassF-15 EagleGlobal Positioning System

Question 2: The Pacific Plate subducting under the Australian Plate forms the Tonga and Kermadec Trenches, and the parallel ________ and Kermadec island arcs.
MalaysiaTuvaluSolomon IslandsTonga

Question 3: The northerly side of the Indo-Australian Plate is a convergent boundary with the Eurasian Plate forming the ________ and Hindu Kush mountains.
HimalayasEastern GhatsDeccan PlateauWestern Ghats

Question 4: The Indo-Australian Plate is a major tectonic plate that includes the continent of Australia and surrounding ocean, and extends northwest to include the ________ and adjacent waters.
AfricaAsiaSouth AsiaIndian subcontinent

Question 5: India, Meganesia (________, New Guinea, and Tasmania), New Zealand, and New Caledonia are all fragments of the ancient supercontinent of Gondwana.
CanadaUnited KingdomAustraliaBarbados

Question 6: Note also the same directions and velocities for points at ________, Christmas Island and southern India.
AucklandDunedinChristchurchHamilton, New Zealand

Question 7: The southeasterly side is a complex but generally ________ with the Pacific Plate.
Oceanic trenchSubductionVolcanic arcConvergent boundary


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