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Indirect fire: Quiz


Question 1: However, for ________ another instrument, called either a director (UK) or aiming circle (US), became widespread and eventually the primary method of orienting guns in most if not all armies.
Military historyArtillerySiegeNaval warfare

Question 2: Indirect fire is most commonly associated with ________.
HowitzerField artilleryArtillery batteryField artillery team

Question 3: The projectile ________ is also affected by atmospheric conditions, other factors and the difference in altitude between the firer and the target.

Question 4: By the early 1900s the open sight was sometimes replaced by a telescope and the term ________ had replaced "lining-plane" in English.
GoniometerContact angleCrystal structureWetting

Question 5: ________ and rifles, tank guns and guns mounted in aircraft are examples of direct fire weapons.
Semi-automatic pistolBrowning Hi-PowerFirearmHandgun

Question 6: There are suggestions that indirect fire was used by the ________ in the 16th Century.
AlamanniGermanic peoplesVandalsBurgundians

Question 7: It is also used with mortars and naval guns against shore targets, sometimes with ________ and has been used with tank and anti-tank guns and by anti-aircraft guns against surface targets.
M2 Browning machine gunMachine gunAssault rifleFirearm

Question 8: It may be argued that for several centuries ________ were fired indirectly because their fixed elevation meant range was determined by the amount of propelling powder.
World War IArtilleryStokes MortarMortar (weapon)

Question 9: Both sides made some use of indirect fire during the ________.
South African Wars (1879–1915)Second Boer WarSanna's PostSouth Africa


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