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Indigo dye: Quiz


Question 1: From the Tuareg nomads of the Sahara to ________, clothes dyed with indigo signified wealth.

Question 2: Women dyed the cloth in most areas, with the Yoruba of Nigeria and the Manding of ________ particularly well known for their expertise.
Burkina FasoCôte d'IvoireMaliSenegal

Question 3: Indigo is a challenging dye because it is not ________ in water.
SolubilitySolubility equilibriumSolventPartition coefficient

Question 4: It involves heating N-(2-carboxyphenyl)glycine to 200 °C in an inert atmosphere with ________.
Sodium hydroxideSodium sulfateSodium hypochloriteSodium carbonate

Question 5: Indican readily hydrolyzes to release β-D-________ and indoxyl.

Question 6: Indigo was used in ________, which was also the earliest major center for its production and processing.
IndiaIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementLok SabhaResearch and Analysis Wing

Question 7:
What is Indigo dye also known as?
2,2u2019-Bis, Indigotin
1,1'- Bis ferrocene, 1,1'- Ferrocenediyl- bis, Dppf, 1,1'- Ferrocenebis

Question 8: Largely due to advances in ________, production by natural sources dropped to 1000 tons by 1914 and continued to contract.
Organic chemistryInorganic chemistryPolymer chemistryBiochemistry

Question 9: Among the Hausa male dyers working at communal dye pits were the basis of the wealth of the ancient city of ________, and can still be seen plying their trade today at the same pits.

Question 10: ________ imported the dye from its colonies in South America.


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