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Question 1: In the states of ________ and Oaxaca and in the interior of the Yucatán peninsula the majority of the population is indigenous.

Question 2: [126][128][129] The micro-satellite diversity and distributions of the Y lineage specific to ________ indicates that certain Amerindian populations have been isolated since the initial colonization of the region.
AmericasSouth AmericaLatin AmericaNorth America

Question 3: According to the 2002 Census, 4.6% of the Chilean population, including the Rapanui of ________, was indigenous, although most show varying degrees of miscegenation.
Wallis and FutunaEaster IslandFrench PolynesiaNiue

Question 4: Amongst others, representatives of ________, the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia, the Chilean Council of All Lands, and the Brazilian Landless Movement participated in the forum.
HuaoraniEcuadorCONAIELucio Gutiérrez

Question 5: Over 99% of all modern cultivated potatoes worldwide are descendants of a subspecies indigenous to south-central ________,[51]Solanum tuberosum ssp. tuberosum, where it was cultivated as long as 10,000 years ago.

Question 6: Native Americans live in land units called ________.
Indian reservationRancheríaCityIndian reserve

Question 7: Combined with relatively late ________ in many regions, this peaceful history has allowed Canadian Indigenous peoples to have a relatively strong influence on the national culture while preserving their own identity.
EconomyEconomicsEconomic developmentGross domestic product

Question 8: [5][21] The first indigenous group encountered by Columbus were the 250,000 Taínos of ________ who were the dominant culture in the Greater Antilles and the Bahamas.
Dominican RepublicHispaniolaHaitiCaribbean

Question 9: [109] The main concentration of Amerindians in ________ are in the rural westernmost areas facing Guatemala and to the Caribbean Sea coastline, as well on the Nicaraguan border.
El SalvadorCosta RicaHondurasDominican Republic

Question 10: Indigenous Amerindian genetics primarily focus on ________ and Human mitochondrial DNA haplogroups.
Haplogroup K (Y-DNA)Human Y-chromosome DNA haplogroupHaplogroup MNOPS (Y-DNA)Haplogroup CT (Y-DNA)

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