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Indigenous peoples in Brazil: Quiz


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Question 1: A migrant wave would have taken some time after initial entry to reach present-day Brazil, probably entering the ________ basin from the Northwest.
Amazon RiverSouth AmericaAmazon RainforestPeru

Question 2:
Which of the following are related to Indigenous peoples in Brazil?
* Boeing F2Bn* Boeing F4B
Fox News Live
*BMW 114n*Pratt & Whitney R-1690
Other Indigenous peoples in the Americas

Question 3: Many of the estimated 2,000 nations and tribes which existed in the XVI century died out as a consequence of the European settlement, and many were assimilated into the Brazilian ________.
World populationPopulationPopulation growthOverpopulation

Question 4: For complete list see ________
Espírito SantoAmapáList of indigenous peoples in BrazilRoraima

Question 5: Unlike Christopher Columbus, who thought he had reached the East Indies, the Portuguese, most notably Vasco da Gama, had already reached India via the Indian Ocean route when they reached ________.
MozambiqueBrazilEast TimorAngola

Question 6: (The second and third migratory waves from Siberia, which are thought to have generated the ________ and Eskimo peoples, apparently did not reach farther than the southern United States and Canada, respectively.)
Southern Athabaskan languagesTlingit languageAthabaskan languagesNa-Dene languages

Question 7: Indigenous peoples in Brazil at Google Video (________ video)
Adobe FlashAdobe Flash PlayerAdobe After EffectsAdobe Dreamweaver

Question 8: They have made substantial and pervasive contributions to the world's medicine with knowledge used today by pharmaceutical corporations, material and cultural development—such as the domestication of ________ and other natural foods.
MaizeSweet potatoPhilippinesCassava

Question 9: But reports of mistreatment of Indians finally reached ________'s urban centers, and in 1967, the military government launched an investigation.
PortugalEast TimorMozambiqueBrazil

Question 10: The Portuguese ________, all males, started to have children with female Indians, creating a new generation of mixed-race people who spoke Indian languages (a Tupi language called Nheengatu).
Dependent territoryCityMunicipalityColony


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