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Indigenous languages of the Americas: Quiz


Question 1: Yuman-Cochimí (United States & ________) (11)

Question 2: Na-Dené (United States, ________ & Mexico) (40)
United KingdomCanadaBarbadosBelize

Question 3: Na-Dené (United States, ________ & Mexico) (39)
BelizeCanadaBarbadosUnited Kingdom

Question 4: Maipurean (South America & ________) (64) (also known as Maipuran, Arawakan, Arahuacan)
CaribbeanNorth AmericaAmericasLatin America

Question 5: The ________ is the most spoken in the United States of America, with over 200,000 speakers in the Southwestern United States.
Taos languageZuni languageNavajo languageO'odham language

Question 6: Two large (super-)family proposals, ________ and Hokan, look particularly promising.
Language isolateTsimshianic languagesPenutian languagesPlateau Penutian languages

Question 7: Indigenous languages vary greatly in the number of speakers, from ________, Aymara, Guarani, and Nahuatl with millions of active speakers to a number of languages with only a handful of elderly speakers.
Dutch languageQuechuaQuechuan languagesEnglish language

Question 8: Several indigenous ________ developed in the Americas from European languages.
Portuguese languageFrench languageCreole languageEnglish language

Question 9: Since 2009, ________ has Kalaallisut as its sole official language.
AzoresGreenlandMadeiraFaroe Islands

Question 10: The languages of the ________ are notable for their complex phonotactics (for example, some languages have words that lack vowels entirely).
Western United StatesPacific NorthwestCanadaBritish Columbia


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