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Question 1: The major languages in this area draw from a wide variety of language families, and should not be confused with the term Indic, which refers only to a group of Indo-Iranian languages from ________.
Punjabi languageSouth AsiaIndiaBrāhmī script

Question 2: It does not, however, include western New Guinea (West Papua), which is part of ________.
NiuePitcairn IslandsMelanesiaPolynesia

Question 3: The New World was initially thought to be the easternmost part of the Indies by explorer ________, who had grossly underestimated the westerly distance from Europe to Asia.
Dominican RepublicAmericasSpainChristopher Columbus

Question 4: Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam are the most popular religions throughout the region, while ________, Sikhism, Jainism and various other traditional beliefs and practices are also prominent in some areas.
ChristianityEcumenismBaptistChristian denomination

Question 5: The first is the former ________, the second is modern Southeast Asia or the ASEAN Bloc.
Presidencies and provinces of British IndiaBritish EmpireBengal PresidencyBritish Raj

Question 6: Regions of the East Indies are sometimes known by the colonial empire they once belonged to, hence, British East Indies refers to Malaysia, the ________ means Indonesia, and Spanish East Indies means the Philippines.
MalaccaNetherlands New GuineaDutch East IndiesDutch Empire

Question 7: In a more restricted sense, the Indies can be used to refer to the islands of Southeastern ________, especially the Malay Archipelago.

Question 8: The East Indies may also include Indochina, the Philippine Islands, ________, Singapore and East Timor.
Papua New GuineaMalaysiaBruneiCambodia

Question 9: Dutch-held colonies in the area were known as the ________ before Indonesian independence, while Spanish-held colonies were known as the Spanish East Indies before the Philippines' independence.
MalaccaDutch EmpireNetherlands New GuineaDutch East Indies


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