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Indian religions: Quiz


Question 1: Neolithic agriculturalists inhabiting the ________ Valley buried their dead in a manner suggestive of spiritual practices that incorporated notions of an afterlife and belief in magic.
Ganges BasinGanges DeltaIndus RiverIndus River Delta

Question 2: The movements were mainly centered around the forms of Vishnu (Rama and ________) and Shiva.
BalaramaVyasaKrishnaBhagavad Gita

Question 3: Evidence attesting to prehistoric religion in the Indian subcontinent derives from scattered Mesolithic rock paintings such as at ________, depicting dances and rituals.
SanchiQutb complexBhimbetka rock sheltersManas National Park

Question 4: The ________ or Soma sacrifice (including animal sacrifice) .
YajnaHistorical Vedic religionŚrautaHinduism

Question 5: The Brahmanas, ________ and some of the older Upanishads (such as BAU, ChU, JUB) are also placed in this period.

Question 6: They form a subgroup of the larger classes of "________" and also Indo-European religions .
East Asian religionsEastern religionBuddhismHinduism

Question 7: It later experienced a decline in India, but survived in ________ and Sri Lanka, and remains more widespread in Southeast and East Asia.

Question 8: Jainism was established by a lineage of 24 enlightened beings culminating with Parsva (9th century BCE) and ________ (6th century BCE).
Nami NathaMahaviraSuparshvanathParshva

Question 9: The most popular Shaiva teacher of the south was ________, while of the north it was Gorakhnath.
LingayatismAkka MahadeviBasavaYediyur Siddhalingeshwara Swamy Temple

Question 10: These texts collectively called as ________ allowed for a divine and mythical interpretation of the world, not unlike the ancient Hellenic or Roman religions.
Agni PuranaPuranasBhavishya PuranaBhagavata Purana

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