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Indian philosophy: Quiz


Question 1: The Buddha criticized all concepts of metaphysical ________ and non-being as misleading views caused by reification, and this critique is inextricable from the founding of Buddhism.

Question 2: Jains however believe that the Jaina philosophy was in fact revived by ________, whom they consider as the 24th and final Jain Tirthankars (enlightened seers), a line that stretches to time immemorial.

Question 3: ________ is one of the principles of Jainism positing that reality is perceived differently from different points of view, and that no single point of view is completely true.
AnekantavadaSyādvādaIndian philosophyJain philosophy

Question 4: [17] In turn it influenced the later movements for independence and civil rights, especially those led by Nelson Mandela and ________
African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)Southern Christian Leadership ConferenceMartin Luther King, Jr.Rosa Parks

Question 5: The goal, as with other Indian religions, is ________ which in Jainism is realization of the soul's true nature, a condition of omniscience (Kevala Jnana).
Deva (Buddhism)MokshaKarmaDharma

Question 6: pre-500 BCE - the Jaina, the Buddha, the ________, the Manu Smriti
KrishnaMahabharataBhagavad GitaVyadha Gita

Question 7: Jains follow the teachings of 24 special Jinas who are known as ________ ('ford-builders').
TirthankarMahaviraNami NathaJainism

Question 8: It was influenced by the Indian Dharmic philosophy (particularly the ________ as well as, secular writings of authors such as Leo Tolstoy, Henry David Thoreau and John Ruskin.
MahabharataKrishnaBhagavad GitaVyadha Gita

Question 9: 800 CE - Shankaracharya and the peak of ________
Advaita VedantaHindu philosophyAdi ShankaraVedanta

Question 10: The political philosophy most closely associated with India is the one of ahimsa (non-violence) and Satyagraha, popularized by ________ during the Indian struggle for independence.
Mohandas Karamchand GandhiJawaharlal NehruC. RajagopalachariAbul Kalam Azad


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