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Indian numerals: Quiz


Question 1: Since Sanskrit is an Indo-European language, it is obvious (as also seen from the table) that the words for numerals closely resemble those of Greek and ________.
Old LatinRoman EmpireLatinVulgar Latin

Question 2: The addition of zero as a tenth positional digit is documented from the 7th century by ________, though the earlier Bakhshali Manuscript, written sometime before the 5th century, also included zero.
BrahmaguptaAryabhataBhāskara IIBhāskara I

Question 3: The four Indian languages (________, Marathi, Konkani and Sanskrit itself) that have adapted the Devanagari script to their use also naturally employ the numeral symbols above; of course, the names for the numbers vary by language.
Punjabi languagePaliHindiHindustani language

Question 4: The Indian place-system numerals spread to neighboring Persia, where they were picked up by the conquering ________.
Palestinian peopleSyriaIraqArab people

Question 5: As it was from the Arabs that the Europeans learned this system, the Europeans called them ________; ironically, to this day the Arabs refer to their numerals as Indian numerals.
Arabic languageAbjad numeralsEastern Arabic numeralsArabic numerals

Question 6: Tobias Dantzig, the father of ________ had this to say in Number:
George DantzigNorbert WienerClaude ShannonJohn Tukey

Question 7: Below is a list of the Indian numerals in their modern ________ form, the corresponding European (Indo-Arabic) equivalents, and their Sanskrit pronunciation.
Malayalam scriptGujarati scriptBrāhmī scriptDevanagari

Question 8: But it is in Khmer numerals of modern ________ is where the first extant material evidence of zero as a numerical figure, dating its use back to the seventh century, is found.
MalaysiaCambodiaPapua New GuineaCanada

Question 9: The word "Shunya" for zero was translated into Arabic as "صفر" "sifr", meaning 'nothing' which became the term "zero" in many European languages from ________, zephirum (Arabic: sifr).
Latin literatureVulgar LatinMedieval LatinLate Latin

Question 10: The Indian numeral system is commonly referred to in the West as the Hindu-Arabic numeral system or even ________, since it reached Europe through the Arabs.
Arabic numeralsEastern Arabic numeralsAbjad numeralsArabic language


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