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Indian national calendar: Quiz


Question 1: This, like many regional calendars, defines a lunisolar calendar based on the authoritative version of the ________ from the 10th century.
AryabhataSurya SiddhantaIndian mathematicsBhāskara II

Question 2: The word panchang is derived from the Sanskrit panchangam (pancha, five; anga, limb), which refers to the five limbs of the calendar: the lunar day, the lunar month, the half-day, the angle of the sun and moon, and the ________.
Sidereal timeSundialSolar timeLongitude

Question 3: Over time, different ________ bodies producing the panchangs have varied in their geographical center and other aspects of the computation, resulting in a divergence of a few days in the different regional calendars.
Uttar PradeshBrahminBiharBhumihar

Question 4: The names of the months are derived from older, ________ lunisolar calendars, so variations in spelling exist, and there is a possible source of confusion as to what calendar a date belongs to.

Question 5: Years are counted in the Saka Era, which starts its year 0 in the year 78 of the ________.
Common EraJulian calendarCalendar eraGregorian calendar

Question 6: Conversion of dates to the ________, or computing the day of the week, requires one to consult the ephemeris.
Julian calendarIslamic calendarGregorian calendarTime

Question 7: The term may also ambiguously refer to the ________, and the Saka era is commonly used by different calendars as well.
Tamil calendarHindu calendarThai solar calendarBengali calendar

Question 8: The Indian national calendar (sometimes called Saka calendar) is the official civil calendar in use in ________.
Research and Analysis WingIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementLok SabhaIndia

Question 9: It is used, alongside the Gregorian calendar, by the Gazette of India, news broadcasts by All India Radio, and calendars and communications issued by the ________.
Administrative divisions of IndiaPresident of IndiaSupreme Court of IndiaGovernment of India

Question 10: The months in the first half of the year all have 31 days, to take into account the slower movement of the sun across the ________ at this time.


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