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Indian intervention in the Sri Lankan Civil War: Quiz


Question 1: [20] The 340th Brigade was one of the first IPKF units to be deployed, and served until operations in the ________ area were complete.

Question 2: [23] By December 1987,the LTTE was able to build up a network of a large number of camps in the jungles that allowed it to regain a position of power within the local population, instituting ________ and revenues.
Tax havenExciseTaxIncome tax

Question 3: The Indian intervention in the Sri Lankan Civil War (1987 - 1990) was deployment of the Indian military contingent ________ intended to perform a peacekeeping operation in Sri Lanka.
Indian Air ForceIndian Peace Keeping ForceResearch and Analysis WingGreen Revolution in India

Question 4: The major force of the Tigers' fighting capacity had retreated to the jungles of Vavuniya following ________.
Jaffna University HelidropSri Lankan Civil WarEelam War IOperation Pawan

Question 5: [14] In addition, the LTTE increasingly started the use of ________, taking a further heavy toll on IPKF casualties.
Korean WarAnti-tank mineLand mineCluster bomb

Question 6: The Sinhalese government intended to bring a number of the rebels captured, including Pulendran, ________ and others, to trial in Colombo for allegedly masterminding the massacre of a hundred and fifty civilians.
List of commanders of the LTTEList of military operations of the Sri Lankan Civil WarLiberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam2007

Question 7: [19] In addition, it was around this time the ________ commandos of the Navy first went into action.
Indian NavyIndiaMARCOS (India)Indian Army

Question 8: 125 Sqn, along with the ________.
Aérospatiale LamaAérospatiale Alouette IIAérospatiale Alouette IIIAérospatiale Puma

Question 9: The detainees however, attempted mass suicide by swallowing ________- a common LTTE practice when faced imminent capture.

Question 10: [9] The Tigers, who were at the time still in negotiation with the Indian authorities, appealed for enforcement of protection by the ________.
Green Revolution in IndiaResearch and Analysis WingIndian Air ForceIndian Peace Keeping Force


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