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Indian folk music: Quiz


Question 1: It has many forms including ________, lavani, dandiya and Rajasthani.
Hip-hop danceB-boyingBhangraDance

Question 2: The arrival of movies and ________ weakened folk music's popularity, but cheaply recordable music has made it easier to find and helped revive the traditions.
Mexican pop musicPower popPop musicBoy band

Question 3: Lavani is a popular folk form of ________.
Marathi peopleMaharashtraMumbaiPune

Question 4: Rajasthani music has a diverse collection of musician ________, including langas, sapera, bhopa, jogi and manganiyar
CasteReligious intoleranceRacial segregationRacism

Question 5: This genre is quite popular in many parts of India, notably in ________.

Question 6:
Dance-oriented folk music popular in Western India, especially during ________.
Durga PujaVijayadashamiNavratriDiwali

Question 7: ________ is a form of dance-oriented folk music that has become a pop sensation in the United Kingdom.
Hip-hop danceTango (dance)BhangraB-boying

Question 8: They are thought to have been influenced greatly by the Hindu tantric sect of the Kartabhajas as well as by ________ sects.
TariqahDhikrSufismMoinuddin Chishti

Question 9: The ________ of Bengal were an order of musicians in 18th, 19th and early 20th century India who played a form of music using a khamak, ektara and dotara.
BaulBengali literatureBengal RenaissanceBengali language

Question 10: They are a group of ________ mystic minstrels.


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