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Indian epic poetry: Quiz


Question 1: ________-worship was and is a central aspect of Indian culture, and thus readily lent itself to a literary tradition that abounded in epic poetry and literature.
Greek mythologyGreek hero cultPlatoHero

Question 2: The language of these texts, termed "Epic Sanskrit", constitutes the earliest phase of ________, following the latest stage of Vedic Sanskrit found in the Shrauta Sutras.

Question 3: Originally composed in Sanskrit and translated thereafter into Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and ________, it includes some of the oldest epic poetry ever created and some works form the basis of Hindu scripture.
Hindustani languagePunjabi languagePaliHindi

Question 4: He has given a human character to ________, the Hindu avatar of Vishnu, portraying him as an ideal son, husband, brother and king.

Question 5: The post-sangam period (2nd century-6th century) saw many great Tamil epics being written, including ________ (or Silappadhikaram), Manimegalai, Jeevaga-chintamani, Valayapati and Kundalakesi.

Question 6: The former work is an adaptation of the celebrated ________, and is the first such adaptation in Kannada.
Kurukshetra WarBhagavad GitaMahabharataKrishna

Question 7: The most famous poet from this period is Adikavi Pampa (902-975 CE), one of the most famous writers in the ________.
Kannada languageTelugu languageTamil languageMalayalam

Question 8: Indian epic poetry (________: Itihāsa, "legend"; from iti + ha + āsa, lit.

Question 9: Later, during the ________ period, Kamban (12th century) wrote what is considered one of the greatest Tamil epics — the Kamba ramayanam of Kamban, based on the Ramayana.
Maurya EmpireChola DynastyGupta EmpirePala Empire

Question 10: It is only in Kannada that we have a Ramayana and a ________ based on the Jaina tradition in addition to those based on Brahmanical tradition.
KrishnaKurukshetra WarBhagavad GitaMahabharata

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