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Question 1: Gurusaday Dutt was the first Indian to stand first in one of the two parts of the ICS examination, in ________.

Question 2: ________ (IRAS)
Indian Administrative ServiceIndian Police ServiceIndian RailwaysIndian Railway Accounts Service

Question 3: The ICS and the ________ (Service) were in the 'transferred field', that is, the authority for the control of these services and for making appointments were transferred from the Secretary of State to the provincial governments.
Home Guard (India)Indian Police ServiceLaw enforcement in IndiaCentral Industrial Security Force

Question 4: By ________, the system of administration in India came gradually to consist of seven All India Services and five Central Departments, all under the control of the Secretary of State, and three Central Departments under joint Provincial and Imperial control.

Question 5: In ________, the Islington Commission was appointed but its report could be published only in 1917, when the recommendations contained in it became outdated due to the First World War and the August Declaration of 1917.

Question 6: It seems relevant to mention that the All India and class I central services were designated as Central Superior Services as early as ________ in the Lee Commission's report.

Question 7: The ________, Central Services and State Services constitute the Civil Services.
All India ServicesCivil Service Act 1918Indian Civil ServiceIndian Administrative Service

Question 8: The higher employees who entered into ________ with the Company came to be known as "covenanted" servants, whereas those not signing such agreements came to be known as "uncovenanted".
ChicagoWhite peopleCovenantJudaism

Question 9: After the partition of India, the parts of the civil service were renamed Civil Service of Pakistan (CSP) in ________ while the Indian section retained the name Indian Civil Service.


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