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Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Church: Quiz


Question 1: The Church has dioceses and churches in most parts of India as well as in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Western Europe, Persian Gulf nations, Malaysia, Singapore, ________ and New Zealand.

Question 2: Since the 17th century, the ________ uses the Syrian Orthodox Liturgy, which belongs to the Antiochene liturgical tradition.
Saint Thomas ChristiansSyro-Malankara Catholic ChurchSyro-Malabar Catholic ChurchIndian (Malankara) Orthodox Church

Question 3: Today the Church conducts liturgy in West Syriac, Malayalam, ________, and English.
Punjabi languageHindustani languageHindiSanskrit

Question 4: This church was later known as Christian Missionary Service and after Indian Independence it became the ________.
Church of South IndiaMar Thoma ChurchIndian (Malankara) Orthodox ChurchChurch of North India

Question 5: Antioch: ________
Indian (Malankara) Orthodox ChurchSyro-Malabar Catholic ChurchJacobite Syrian Christian ChurchSyro-Malankara Catholic Church

Question 6: The ________ Patriarch Timothy I (780-826) wrote to the Archdeacon ( Arken), the Head of the Faithful in India, about the right norms to be followed in the ordination of the priests, bishops, metropolitans and patriarch.
ChristologyNestorianismTrinityBiblical canon

Question 7: The only events worth recording are the deposit of the Trust Fund money with the ________ and withdrawal of the interest thereon for the first time.
East India CompanyChartered companyDutch East India CompanyFrench East India Company

Question 8: The East Syrian (Persian), ________, Armenian, Georgian, Maronite liturgies also belong to the same liturgical family.
Byzantine EmpireRoman EmpireByzantine IconoclasmWestern Roman Empire

Question 9: Various theologians were involved in negotiations between the ________ and the Byzantine churches.
Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo ChurchSyriac Orthodox ChurchArmenian Apostolic ChurchOriental Orthodoxy

Question 10: Thomas Evangelical Church
Syro-Malankara Catholic Church
Syriac Catholic ChurchMaronite ChurchFrancis XavierSyro-Malabar Catholic Church


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