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Question 1: [94] Amongst Savarkar's work during his stay at India House was a history of the ________ which he described as an exemplary Hindu empire (Hindu Padpadshahi).
HarshaGupta EmpireMaratha EmpirePala Empire

Question 2: Varma's views were staunchly anti-colonial, even supporting the Boers during the ________ in 1899.
South AfricaSouth African Wars (1879–1915)Sanna's PostSecond Boer War

Question 3: When the ________ was founded in Tashkent, in October 1920, a number of its founding members including M.P.T.
Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist)Communist Party of India (Marxist)All India Forward BlocCommunist Party of India

Question 4: During the conspiracy, the revolutionaries collaborated extensively with the ________, Sinn Féin, Japanese patriotic societies, Ottoman Turkey and most prominently the German Foreign Office.
Joseph McGarrityHindu–German ConspiracyClan na GaelIrish Republican Brotherhood

Question 5: [58] These sources further suggested that Dhingra's intended target was ________, the Secretary of State for India himself.
John Morley, 1st Viscount Morley of BlackburnArchibald Primrose, 5th Earl of RoseberyH. H. AsquithDavid Lloyd George

Question 6: [1] With the patronage of Shyamji Krishna Varma, its home in a student residence in ________, North London was launched to promote nationalist views among Indian students in Britain.
HampsteadBloomsburyHighgateCamden Town

Question 7: [5] India House published an anti-colonialist newspaper, The Indian Sociologist, which the ________ banned as "seditious".
North BorneoBengal PresidencyBritish RajBritish Empire

Question 8: [92] Among Wallinger's recruits during the war was ________, who later mirrored some of his characters and stories on his experiences during the war.
Berlin CommitteeHar DayalW. Somerset MaughamM. P. T. Acharya

Question 9: Under the light of subsequent investigations by ________ and the Indian Political Intelligence Office, the organisation fell into decline.
Scotland YardSpecial policePolice Community Support OfficerHome Office

Question 10: India House was an informal Indian nationalist organization based in ________ between 1905 and 1910.


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