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India – United States relations: Quiz


Question 1: In March 2009, the Obama administration cleared the US$2.1 billion sale of eight ________ to India, the largest military deal between the two countries.
F-15E Strike EagleP-8 PoseidonKC-135 StratotankerB-29 Superfortress

Question 2: Secretary of State ________ visited in February 2009.
Hillary Rodham ClintonJoe BidenJohn McCainHillary Clinton presidential campaign, 2008

Question 3: After the collapse of the Soviet Union, India began to review its foreign policy in a unipolar world following which, it took steps to develop closer ties with the ________ and the United States.
DenmarkGermanyEuropean UnionEuropean Parliament

Question 4: ________ and Non-Tariff Barriers group- Goals of the group include: agreeing that insecticides that are manufactures by United States companies can be sold throughout India.
Fordney–McCumber TariffTariffExcess profits taxTax, tariff and trade

Question 5: Indo-American relations refers to the bilateral relations between the United States of America and the Republic of ________.
Research and Analysis WingIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementIndiaLok Sabha

Question 6: One event is the visit of ________ who introduced Yoga and Vedanta to America.
Sri AurobindoRahul SankrityayanKazi Nazrul IslamSwami Vivekananda

Question 7: ________ & metals (8.01%)

Question 8: Optical instruments & ________ (7.33%)

Question 9: After ________ until the end of the cold war, the relationship between the two nations has often been thorny.
Abul Kalam AzadIndian independence movementRevolutionary movement for Indian independenceIndian National Army

Question 10: ________ was the first U.S.
Ronald ReaganGerald FordRichard NixonDwight D. Eisenhower


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