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Independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ: Quiz


Question 1: This came to a head at the 1926 DoC Convention in ________.
Bartlett, TennesseeTipton County, TennesseeShelby County, TennesseeMemphis, Tennessee

Question 2: symbolic of the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ [Rom 6:4], and the only assurance of the hope of the ________ from the dead [Rom 6:5-7],
Biblical canonBibleJesusResurrection

Question 3: the occasion when the equipping, indwelling ________ is received as a seal and promise of [[heaven] [Acts 2:38; Titus 3:5],
JesusHoly SpiritNew TestamentApostle (Christian)

Question 4: foreshadowed in the ________ ceremonial washings, now fulfilled in a believer's shared experience with Christ [Heb 10:22],
Biblical apocryphaBiblical canonBibleOld Testament

Question 5: The Independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ are a part of the Restoration Movement and share historical roots with the ________ and the a cappella Churches of Christ.
Assemblies of GodChristian Church (Disciples of Christ)Convention of Philippine Baptist ChurchesIglesia ni Cristo

Question 6: The Independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ and ________ (DoC) parted ways due primarily to disagreements concerning liberal trends and the development of a denominational structure within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).
Iglesia ni CristoAssemblies of GodChristian Church (Disciples of Christ)Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches

Question 7: They seek the unity of all believers on the basis of faith in and obedience to Christ as the divine Son of God and the acceptance of the Bible particularly the ________ as their all-sufficient rule of faith and practice."
GospelNew TestamentJesusBiblical canon

Question 8: "Members of Christian Churches and churches of Christ believe in the deity and Lordship of Jesus Christ, the inspiration of the ________, and the autonomy of local congregations.
Biblical canonBibleChristianity and JudaismNevi'im

Question 9: 1926: The first ________ (NACC) in 1927[3]:407 was the result of disillusionment at the DoC Memphis Convention.
Cincinnati Christian UniversityNorth American Christian ConventionApostle (Christian)Baptism


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