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Question 1: In computer ________, indentation is used to format program source code to improve readability.
Functional programmingImperative programmingProgramming paradigmProgramming language

Question 2: Hebrew, ________) are written right-to-left, and if indentation is used, in the above "left" and "right" should of course be swapped when referring to such languages.
Modern Standard ArabicArabic languageAncient North ArabianEgyptian Arabic

Question 3: Different ________ are commonly used.
Indent styleEmacsBerkeley Software DistributionOperating system

Question 4: Debates over where to indent, whether to use spaces or tabs, and how many spaces to use are often hotly debated among programmers, leading some to classify indentation as akin to a ________[1].
Red Terror (Spain)Anti-clericalismReligious warReligious intolerance

Question 5: In the written form of many ________, an indentation is often used at the beginning of a line to signal the start of a new paragraph.

Question 6: The first meaning is also applied in ________ measurement as in indentation hardness.
SolidYoung's modulusHardnessYield (engineering)

Question 7: Outdentation is a ________ used in computer circles to describe placing text back to the left again.
NeologismAcronym and initialismEuphemismNonce word

Question 8: Indentation is generally only of use to programmers; ________ and interpreters rarely care how much whitespace is present in between programming statements.
CompilerAssembly languageProgramming languageCompiler optimization


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