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Question 1: Towns cover most or all land area in all six states, including ________ areas.
United StatesUnited States Census BureauAustraliaRural area

Question 2: An incorporated town in the ________ is an incorporated municipality, that is, one with a charter received from the state, similar to a city.
AlaskaPhilippinesCanadaUnited States

Question 3: In ________, an incorporated town is one of three types of municipalities.

Question 4: There are 20 incorporated towns in Illinois, none of which are ________[1]:
ArkansasNew YorkCounty seatMississippi

Question 5: Since the Municipal Code provides a standard way for citizens to incorporate a new city or village, incorporated towns are far less common than ________ and village municipalities in Illinois.
MunicipalityCityIndependent cityCounty

Question 6: In New York and Wisconsin, the term "town" refers to municipalities more similar to townships in other states than to incorporated towns in most states (see ________, Political subdivisions of Wisconsin).
Administrative divisions of New YorkManhattanAlbany, New YorkNew York City

Question 7: Incorporated towns are a form of ________, which is a responsibility of provincial rather than federal government.
Municipal government in CanadaCanadian Senate divisionsBritish North America ActsCanadian federalism

Question 8: Under ________'s Government Code Sections 34500-34504, the terms "city" and "town" are explicitly interchangeable, i.e.
CaliforniaSan Jose, CaliforniaLos AngelesSacramento, California

Question 9: An incorporated town will have elected officials, as differentiated from an ________, which exists only by tradition and does not have elected officials at the town level.
Unincorporated areaMunicipalityAtlantaUnited States

Question 10: An incorporated town is a ________ that was incorporated by a special act of the Illinois General Assembly prior to the creation of the Illinois Municipal Code.
Local administrative unitProvinceMunicipalityTownship


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