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Question 1: Eliminating ________ from a slide increases the maximum speed at which an object can move down the slide, while the acceleration of the moving object can be controlled to any degree by varying the angle of the slide.
ForceDrag (physics)Lift (force)Friction

Question 2: Blades can separate solid material, as with plows that separate soil particles, scissors and shears to cut flexible materials, axes to separate wood fibers, and ________ and planes to remove precise portions of wood.

Question 3: Crushing, the overcoming of material bonds by transferring ________ to a material through the normal force of another, harder, object was the only way to cut through a hard material before saws, and the materials to make them, were developed.
MomentumAngular momentumClassical mechanicsEnergy

Question 4: The ancient water wheel uses inclined planes mounted around a rotating wheel to transform the momentum of moving water into a ________ that can turn a shaft and do work.
ForceTorqueEnergyAngular momentum

Question 5: The ________ is a compound inclined plane, consisting of two inclined planes placed so that the planes meet at one edge.

Question 6: Portable ramps allow easy loading and unloading of high-decked ________.
TruckSemi-trailer truckCaterpillar Inc.Automobile

Question 7: The inclined plane is one of the original six ________; as the name suggests, it is a flat surface whose endpoints are at different heights.
Simple machineForceTorquePulley

Question 8: Foils are specialized blades, shaped to allow the most efficient movement of fluid over their surfaces, to minimize the ________ caused by these vortices.
Drag (physics)Fluid dynamicsReynolds numberTurbulence

Question 9: ________ produce circular holes in solids by rotating a chisel around its center, with the edge is sharpened at opposing angles on either side of the rotation axis, so as to cut in the direction of rotation.
Drill bitLatheAngle grinderDrill

Question 10: Chutes and slides allow fragile objects, including humans, to be safely lowered from a vertical rise by countering ________ force with the normal force provided by a stiff surface at an angle to the gravitational vector.
GravitationEquivalence principleGeneral relativityIntroduction to general relativity


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