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Incertae sedis: Quiz


Question 1:
  • Superfamily ________ - along with all other apes

Question 2: The taxonomy for ________ is usually recognized as follows:
MindHuman evolutionHomoHuman

Question 3:
  • Class ________ - along with all other mammals
    PrimateMammalEven-toed ungulateMammal classification

Question 4:
  • ________ Homo - along with Homo erectus and other prehistoric humans
    GenusLifeSpeciesBiological classification

Question 5: Incertae sedis (________ for "of uncertain placement"), abbreviated "inc.
Vulgar LatinLatinOld LatinRoman Empire

Question 6: This excerpt from a 2007 scientific paper about ________ of the Kuril-Kamchatka Trench and the Japan Trench describes typical circumstances through which this category is applied in discussing:

Question 7: Additional complexity, and factors that have misled earlier authorities, are intrusion by extensive homoplasies, apparent character, state reversals and ________.
BirdCountershadingConvergent evolutionParallel evolution

Question 8: For example, if it were uncertain how Homo related to other members of the family ________, a list of the great apes would look like this:
HumanHominidaePrimateHuman evolution

Question 9: Suborder ________ - non-tarsier prosimians


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