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Inception of Darwin's theory: Quiz


Question 1: In his theory he compared breeders selecting traits to ________ from variants thrown up by "chance", and continued to look to the countryside for supporting information.
Natural selectionPopulation geneticsEvolutionCharles Darwin

Question 2: The Zoology ran into difficulties, with Richard Owen having to halt work on Fossil Mammalia, and ________ sailing off for Tasmania leaving Darwin to complete the half finished Birds.
John GouldDarwin's finchesCharles DarwinGalápagos Islands

Question 3: He began specific transmutation notebooks with speculations on variation in offspring "to adapt & alter the race to changing world", and sketched an "irregularly branched" ________ branching of a single evolutionary tree.
Family treeMatrilinealityGenealogyFamily name

Question 4: Darwin thought that the possibility of common ancestry could not be denied when such strange forms as the ________ existed.

Question 5: [20] In June he gave this information to ________.
Charles LyellThomas Henry HuxleyWilliam BucklandRoderick Murchison

Question 6: He had seen the bestial life of the natives of ________, apparently happy in their harsh environment, and Jemmy Button's reversion to savagery.
Tierra del FuegoCape HornMagellanic subpolar forestsPatagonia

Question 7: At the Zoological Society the reformers were led by Darwin's tutor from Edinburgh days, ________.
Plinian SocietyCharles DarwinSir William Lawrence, 1st BaronetRobert Edmond Grant

Question 8: His invalid aunt was being cared for by the as yet unmarried Emma, and his uncle Jos pointed out an area of ground where cinders had disappeared under loam which Jos though might have been the work of ________.

Question 9: A similar relationship in time was shown by the extinct armoured giant Glyptodon resembling the modern South American ________.

Question 10: The geologist ________ invited Darwin to dinner on 29 October 1836.
Thomas Henry HuxleyRoderick MurchisonCharles LyellWilliam Buckland


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