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Question 1: The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt were sometimes said to be incarnations of the gods ________ and Ra.
OsirisApis (Egyptian mythology)Set (mythology)Horus

Question 2: The vast majority of churches believe this person, ________, was both truly God and truly man.
JesusNew TestamentNew Testament view on Jesus' lifeGospel

Question 3: Liberation in Buddhism is achieved when the stock of accumulated sankharas buried in the unconscious have been dissolved through the practise of the eightfold path, a path leading to the experience called enlightenment (________ in Sanskrit and Pali).
AnattaNirvanaBuddhism and HinduismBodhi

Question 4: [6] Jews especially rejected vehemently - even under penalty of death or threats of torture - the Christian idea of Jesus as a divine incarnation of God, and neither see Jesus as a Prophet nor ________.
MessiahJewish eschatologyMessianic JudaismSecond Coming

Question 5: This is the doctrine of anatta, the no-self doctrine applying to all phenomena (see ________).
Buddhist philosophyThree marks of existenceĀtman (Buddhism)Buddhism

Question 6: ________ totally rejects any doctrine of an incarnation of God and absolutely rejects any concept of an incanation of God in any form.

Question 7: The ________ has an idea of "gilgul" (Hebrew for reincarnation) as part of the soul's journey to achieve perfection.
KabbalahJewish philosophyNevi'imJewish eschatology

Question 8: In ________, an enlightened spiritual teacher (lama) may choose to reincarnate after death in order to continue to help people.
AtishaPadmasambhavaNaropaTibetan Buddhism

Question 9: While ________, Hinduism and Buddhism are perhaps the most widely-known traditions to employ this concept within the context of their respective belief systems, they are by no means the only ones to do so.
ChristianityEcumenismBaptistChristian denomination

Question 10: In Hinduism, avatar generally implies to the incarnation of Vishnu, the preserver in the ________.
HanumanTrimurtiHindu deitiesShaktism


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