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Inca civilization: Quiz


Question 1: Though indigenous sovereignty was lost, Inca cultural traditions remain strong among surviving indigenous descendants such as the Quechuas and ________ people.
British ChileanAfro ChileanImmigration to ChileAymara ethnic group

Question 2: In 1533, Spanish Conquistadores led by ________, took advantage of this situation and conquered much of the existing Inca territory.
Gonzalo PizarroFrancisco PizarroVasco Núñez de BalboaDiego de Almagro

Question 3: Through interpreters, Pizarro requested the new Inca ruler convert to ________.
EcumenismChristianityChristian denominationBaptist

Question 4: Meanwhile an associate of Pizarro's, Diego de Almagro, attempted to claim ________ for himself.

Question 5: Additionally, unrest among newly conquered territories, and smallpox, spreading from ________, had considerably weakened the empire.
Americas (terminology)North AmericaAmericasCentral America

Question 6: The Inca used ________ (bundled knotted strings), for accounting and census purposes.
Inca EmpireQuipuAlpacaSpain

Question 7: ________ were important in that they showed social status, and could also be used as armor.
Textile printingTextileWeavingSilk

Question 8: He founded the ________ (Tawantinsuyu), which became the largest empire in pre-Columbian America.
Pre-Columbian eraInca EmpireAztecMaya civilization

Question 9: Under the leadership of Manco Capac, they formed the small city-state of Cuzco (________ Qosqo).
English languageDutch languageQuechuan languagesQuechua

Question 10: The powerful Inca emperor is also thought to have built ________, either as a family home or as a vacation retreat.
Chavín de HuantarManú National ParkMachu PicchuRio Abiseo National Park


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