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In the Night Garden: Quiz


Question 1:
What format does In the Night Garden follow?

Question 2:
Who of these people produced In the Night Garden?
Victoria Wood
Andrew Davenport and Anne Wood
Mae Woods
Kate Wolf, Sandy Cioffi, Tammi Sims, Leslye Wood

Question 3:
Who out of the following people is credited as a creator of In the Night Garden?

Question 4:
Who developed In the Night Garden?

Question 5:
When did In the Night Garden first air?

Question 6:
When did In the Night Garden last air?
Presently Broadcasting Season 2
present, 1996

Question 7:
Who narrated In the Night Garden?

Question 8: ________ made some dough that came packaged with an Igglepiggle-shaped cut-out.
United StatesOhioPlay-DohMacy's

Question 9: As of October 2008, in India, the show airs every day on the ________ channel, including weekends, at 9am, 12pm and 3pm.
BBC FourCBeebiesBBC ThreeBBC World News

Question 10: ________ won the 2008 "Best Licensed Toy or Game range" Licensing Award[12] for their In The Night Garden range.
Winning MovesParker BrothersHasbroMonopoly (game)

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