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Question 1: The ________, for example, was originally erected in a courtyard, for public viewing.
Egyptian hieroglyphsRosetta StoneBritish MuseumAncient Egypt

Question 2: In ________, specifically syntax, an element may be said to be in situ if it is pronounced in the position where it is interpreted.

Question 3: In ________ an in situ operation is one that occurs without interrupting the normal state of a system.
Software engineeringProgramming paradigmComputer programmingComputer science

Question 4: In ________: for a carcinoma, in situ means that malignant cells are present as a tumor but has not metastasized, or invaded, beyond the original site where the tumor was discovered.

Question 5: This type of tumor can often, depending on where it is located, be removed by ________.
Cardiothoracic surgerySurgeryNeurosurgeryICD-9-CM Volume 3

Question 6: In the space sciences, in situ refers to measurements of the particle and field environment that the satellite is embedded in, such as the detection of energetic particles in the solar wind, or magnetic field measurements from a ________.
Mariner 4MagnetometerMariner 2Cassini–Huygens

Question 7: For example, in situ is used in relation to the distinction between weathering and ________, the difference being that erosion requires a transport medium (such as wind, ice, or water), whereas weathering occurs in situ.
Mouth barDuneErosionRiver delta

Question 8: For example, in ________, "in situ land exchange" involves the government exchanging the original or expired lease of a piece of land with a new grant or re-grant with the same piece of land or a portion of that.
PhilippinesMacauUnited StatesHong Kong

Question 9: The ________ mission concept is based primarily on the in situ fuel production using Sabatier reaction.
Mars DirectMars SocietyManned mission to MarsMars to Stay

Question 10: For example, ________ is an in situ sorting algorithm.
QuicksortMerge sortHeapsortInsertion sort


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