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Question 1: The director ________ uses lengthy improvisations developed over a period of weeks to build characters and story lines for his films.
Vera DrakeTopsy-TurvySecrets & Lies (film)Mike Leigh

Question 2: The study of the skills and techniques of improvisation can strongly influence one's competence in ________, personal life, and/or in the arts[citation needed].
Companies lawBusinessCorporate lawCorporation

Question 3: Where the material is plastic such as ________, a working structure or armature often needs to be built to allow the pre-determined design to be realized.
SandSoil liquefactionClaySoil

Question 4: One of the masters in the style of baroque improvisation was ________.
MusicGlenn GouldFugueChamber music

Question 5: A classic example of such improvisation was the improvisation of carbon dioxide scrubbers with the materials on hand during the ________ space mission.
Apollo 8Apollo 13Apollo programApollo 11

Question 6: There have also been a few other exceptional improvised solo piano concerts in ________, Southern Germany in the 1990s.
UlmHeilbronnFreiburg im BreisgauStuttgart

Question 7: Such weapons vary in sophistication from simple sharpened sticks, to petrol bombs and home made napalm, to IEDs and make shift ________ aircraft.
B-1 LancerBomberB-52 StratofortressF-15E Strike Eagle

Question 8: Improvisation without inhibition allows the choreographer to connect to their deepest creative self, which in turn clears the way for pure ________.
English inventions and discoveriesInventionFrench inventions and discoveriesDutch inventions and discoveries

Question 9: The original version was British, but it was later revived and popularized in the United States with ________ as a host.
The Price Is Right (U.S. game show)Drew CareyJohnny OlsonBob Barker

Question 10: Experimenting with the concepts of shape, space, time, and energy while moving without inhibition or cognitive thinking can create unique and ________ movement designs, spatial configuration, dynamics, and unpredictable rhythms.
InnovationGlobal Innovation IndexItalyJapan


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