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Question 1: ________, Dancers at The Bar, 1888, The Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C.
ImpressionismEdgar DegasClaude MonetPierre-Auguste Renoir

Question 2: French painters who prepared the way for Impressionism include the Romantic colourist Eugène Delacroix, the leader of the realists ________, and painters of the Barbizon school such as Théodore Rousseau.
Édouard ManetGustave CourbetWestern paintingJean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

Question 3: Musical Impressionism is the name given to a movement in ________ that arose in the late 19th century and continued into the middle of the 20th century.
Classical musicMusical notationMusical formMusic theory

Question 4: The sculptor ________ is sometimes called an Impressionist for the way he used roughly modeled surfaces to suggest transient light effects.
Victoria and Albert MuseumThe Kiss (Rodin sculpture)SculptureAuguste Rodin

Question 5: ________ and Maurice Ravel are generally considered the greatest Impressionist composers, but Debussy disavowed the term, calling it the invention of critics.
Richard WagnerFrédéric ChopinHector BerliozClaude Debussy

Question 6: Some of the original Impressionist artists also ventured into this new territory; ________ briefly painted in a pointillist manner, and even Monet abandoned strict plein air painting.
Pierre-Auguste RenoirEdgar DegasCamille PissarroPaul Cézanne

Question 7: [5] Another painter who greatly influenced Monet and his friends, Johan Jongkind, declined to participate, as did ________.
Edgar DegasLe déjeuner sur l'herbeImpressionismÉdouard Manet

Question 8: ________ was an American-born painter who played a part in Impressionism although he did not join the group and preferred grayed colours.
Western paintingJames Abbott McNeill WhistlerEdgar DegasClaude Monet

Question 9: ________, an English artist, was initially a follower of Whistler, and later an important disciple of Degas; he did not exhibit with the Impressionists.
Augustus JohnWyndham LewisJames Bolivar MansonWalter Sickert

Question 10: Some younger artists painted in a lighter and brighter manner than painters of the preceding generation, extending further the realism of ________ and the Barbizon school.
Édouard ManetJean-Baptiste-Camille CorotGustave CourbetWestern painting

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