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Question 1: Domenico Barbaia (1778 — 1841) began as a café waiter and made a fortune at ________.
Giuseppe VerdiArturo ToscaniniLa ScalaMilan

Question 2: ________ was unusual in acting as impresario as well as composer: in 1714 he managed seasons at Teatro Sant'Angelo in Venice, where his opera Orlando finto pazzo was followed by numerous others.
Antonio VivaldiJohann Sebastian BachBaroque musicWolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Question 3: ________ said of himself that he was an impresario of scientists[7] as an explorer and filmmaker who worked with scientists in underwater exploration.
ParisFranceRV CalypsoJacques-Yves Cousteau

Question 4: Nicholas Wade described James D. Watson and E. O. Wilson in The New York Times as impresarios of ________'s works.
EvolutionCharles Darwin's educationCharles DarwinCharles Darwin's religious views

Question 5: [1] The origin of the term is to be found in the social and economic world of ________, where from the mid-18th century to the 1830s, the impresario was the key figure in the organization of a lyric season.
NaplesItalyItalian operaMilan

Question 6: The term is occasionally applied to others, such as independent art museum ________[5] and conference organisers,[6] who take a lead role in orchestrating events.
United KingdomArchaeologyCuratorAnthropology

Question 7: [4] Significant modern impresarios in the traditional sense include Rudolf Bing, Sergei Diaghilev, Richard D'Oyly Carte, Fortune Gallo, ________, and Sol Hurok.
Aaron RichmondBostonGeorge SzellEugene Ormandy

Question 8: The traditional term is still in use in the entertainment industry for a producer of concerts, tours and other events in ________, opera, theatre[3] and even rodeo.
Classical musicMusical notationMusicMusic theory

Question 9: Milan, where he was also in charge of the gambling operation and introduced ________.
FranceClaude ShannonUnited StatesRoulette

Question 10: The Impresario, from the Italian impresa, an enterprise or undertaking, is a person who organises and often finances concerts, plays or ________.
The opera corpusFrench operaOperaFach

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