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Impossible Creatures: Quiz


Question 1: Concurrent with the development of the real-time strategy, Relic had also been developing a platformer for the ________ game console based in the Impossible Creatures universe.
Xbox LiveXboxMicrosoft Game StudiosXbox 360

Question 2: She has a French accent and travels using a ________.
AirshipHelicopterAutogyroPowered hang glider

Question 3: Upton is voiced by the Transformers voice actor ________.
David KayeBeast Wars: TransformersTransformers: EnergonBeast Machines

Question 4: Impossible Creatures is a real time strategy game released on January 7, 2003 developed by Relic Entertainment in conjunction with ________.
XboxMicrosoft Game StudiosXbox 360 launchXbox 360

Question 5: After a failed experiment causes the ________ and kills his wife, he goes into willing exile at a chain of remote islands.
EarthImpact eventMeteoriteTunguska event

Question 6: Velika La Pette is an ________ and the second of Julius' cronies that Rex and Lucy encounter.
Bird migrationBirdOrnithologyBirdwatching

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