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Question 1: [1] ________ type 2,[1] on the other hand, stimulates the invasiveness of it.
Nerve growth factorInsulin-like growth factorInsulin-like growth factor 2Insulin-like growth factor 1

Question 2: [1] The development of them is enhanced by progesterone but inhibited by ________.

Question 3: This inhibits the expression of cadherins and ________.
Beta-cateninStathminPlakoglobinAdenomatosis polyposis coli

Question 4: In addition to nourishment, the endometrium secretes several ________-dependent proteins,[1] important for growth and implantation.
Lipid metabolismMetabolismTestosteroneSteroid

Question 5: The extracellular matrix is degraded by ________ and metalloproteinases.
Serine proteaseCathepsin GTrypsinReelin

Question 6: This change is induced by increased levels of ________ from the corpus luteum.

Question 7: The embryo differs from the cells of the mother, and would be rejected as a parasite by the ________ of the mother if it didn't secrete immunosuppressive agents.
Immune systemAdaptive immune systemToll-like receptorLymphatic system

Question 8: These changes reach their maximum about 7 days after ________.
Menstrual cycleMenopauseFollicular phaseOvulation

Question 9: ________ is an autocrine growth factor for the blastocyst.
Human chorionic gonadotropinGonadotropin-releasing hormoneFollicle-stimulating hormoneProgesterone

Question 10: [1] These cells are called decidual cells, which emphasises that the whole layer of them is shed off in every menstruation if no pregnancy occurs, just as leaves of ________.
PlantAutumn leaf colorLeafDeciduous


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