Imperium: Quiz

Question 1: Further, any man executing imperium within his sphere of influence was entitled to the ________.
Roman dictatorAedileCurule chairRoman censor

Question 2: ________- 6 lictors (2 lictors within the pomerium)
Ancient RomeRoman EmperorRoman RepublicPraetor

Question 3: Imperium maius later became a hallmark of the ________.
Roman EmpireWestern Roman EmpireRoman EmperorByzantine Empire

Question 4: This article incorporates text from the entry Donation of Constantine in the public-domain ________ of 1913.
Catholic ChurchPope John Paul IICatholic EncyclopediaUnited States

Question 5: The ________, by which the Papacy had allegedly been granted the territorial Patrimonium Petri in Central Italy, became a weapon against the Emperor.
Papal StatesConstantine IRomeDonation of Constantine

Question 6: Imperium was originally a military concept, the power of the ________ (general in the army) to command.
Caesar (title)ImperatorRoman EmperorAncient Rome

Question 7: Curule ________ (aedilis curulis)- 2 lictors
Roman RepublicRoman censorRoman KingdomAedile

Question 8: ________ (the dictator's deputy)- 6 lictors
Roman EmperorRoman RepublicMaster of the HorseAncient Rome

Question 9: In ________ the concept applied to people and meant something like 'power status' or 'authority' or could be used with a geographical connotation and meant something like 'territory'.
Roman EmpireAncient RomeClassical antiquityRoman Republic

Question 10: A ________ magistrate or promagistrate carried an ivory baton surmounted by an eagle as his personal symbol of office (compare the field marshal's baton).
Curule chairAedileRoman dictatorRoman censor

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