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Imperial units: Quiz


Question 1: By the late 20th century most nations of the former empire had officially adopted the ________ as their main system of measurement.
Global Positioning SystemImperial unitsMetric systemUnited States customary units

Question 2: [citation needed] Metric is also used for the ________ and on High Speed 1.
British Rail Class 373EurostarChannel TunnelTGV

Question 3: The system came into official use across the ________.
Informal EmpireNauruBarbadosBritish Empire

Question 4: [16] ________ still offers an imperial unit option beside metric units, even though weather is typically measured and reported in metric units in the Canadian media.
Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceEnvironment CanadaCanadian Firearms ProgramCanada Border Services Agency

Question 5: The British ton (the long ton), is 2240 pounds, which is very close to a metric ________, whereas the ton generally used in the United States is the "short ton" of 2000 pounds (907.18474 kg).
United States customary unitsTonneKilogramMetric system

Question 6: Adjacent to ________ and Dollands Moor Freight Yard, railway speeds are given in both metric and imperial units.
Adisham railway stationAylesham railway stationAshford International railway stationEbbsfleet International railway station

Question 7: Imperial units or the imperial system is a ________, first defined in the British Weights and Measures Act of 1824, later refined (until 1959) and reduced.
Conversion of unitsSystems of measurementUnited States customary unitsMetric system

Question 8: Capacity measures differ the most due to the introduction of the imperial ________ and the unification of wet and dry measures.
GuyanaGallonAntigua and BarbudaCanada


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