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Imperial cult (ancient Rome): Quiz


Question 1: The Imperial cult tolerated and later included specific forms of pluralistic ________.
Baruch SpinozaExistentialismRené DescartesMonism

Question 2: Coin evidence links Thea Livia with Hera and Demeter, and Julia the Elder with Venus Genetrix and ________.
AresAphroditeGreek mythologyApollo

Question 3: For five centuries, the ________ did not give worship to any historic figure, or any living man, although surrounded by divine and semi-divine monarchies.
Roman EmpireAncient RomeRoman RepublicClassical antiquity

Question 4: The Roman imperial cult is sometimes considered a deviation from Rome's traditional Republican values, a religiously insincere ________ which served Imperial propaganda.
Project MegiddoAnti-cult movementCult of personalityAPA Task Force on Deceptive and Indirect Techniques of Persuasion and Control

Question 5: Even as he prepared his adopted son Tiberius for the role of princeps and recommended him to the senate as a worthy successor, Augustus seems to have doubted the propriety of dynastic ________.
ImperiumCursus honorumDecemviriByzantine Empire

Question 6: These divine associations may have followed a military precedent of emperors as ________ to divinities (or divinities as comes to emperors).
VicariusRoman financeMagister militumComes

Question 7: On his accession in 284 CE, he held games in honour of the divus ________.
Lucius VerusHadrianAntinousMarcus Aurelius

Question 8: In 220 CE the priest Elagabalus replaced Jupiter with the god Elagabalus as sol invictus (the unconquered Sun) and thereafter neglected his Imperial role as ________.
Roman mythologyPontifex MaximusRoman festivalsAncient Rome

Question 9: Though unbaptised, Constantine had triumphed under the signum of the Christ (probably some form of ________, as an adapted or re-interpreted legionary standard).
Byzantine EmpireLabarumConstantine IConstantine I and Christianity

Question 10: ________ (reigned 235-8 CE) sequestered the resources of state temples in Rome to pay his armies.
DiocletianConstantine IMaximinus I (Thrax)Marcus Aurelius

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