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Question 1: She failed to take account of the fact her opponents in the ________ did not face the political and geographical constraints of her previous wars, nor did she allow for losses in ships and crews.
Second Sino-Japanese WarGuadalcanal CampaignPacific WarWorld War II

Question 2: In the 1920s, the Kaga (originally laid down as a battleship) and a similar ship, the Akagi (originally laid down as a battlecruiser) were converted to aircraft carriers to satisfy the terms of the ________.
Essex class aircraft carrierUSS Wasp (CV-7)Imperial Japanese NavyWashington Naval Treaty

Question 3:
What type is thing is Imperial Japanese Navy?

Question 4: [36] In 1874, the Taiwan expedition was the first foray abroad of the new Imperial Japanese Navy and the ________.
Imperial Japanese ArmyMeiji periodImperial General HeadquartersShōwa period

Question 5:
When was the Imperial Japanese Navy active?
July 30 – August 4
August 18 – August 27

Question 6:
What or what did Imperial Japanese Navy swear allegiance to?
Republic of Venice
Empire of Japan
United Kingdom
United States of America

Question 7: A long stretch of militaristic expansion and the start of the ________ in 1937 had exacerbated tensions with the United States, which was seen as a rival of Japan.
Operation Ichi-GoPacific WarWorld War IISecond Sino-Japanese War

Question 8: The following year, in July 1869, the Imperial Japanese Navy was formally established, two months after the last combat of the ________.
The Last SamuraiBoshin WarBakumatsuFrance–Japan relations (19th century)

Question 9: [108] Kamikaze planes were particularly effective during the defense of ________, in which about 2,000 planes were sent to sink 34 warships and damage around 364.
Okinawa PrefectureYamanashi PrefectureJapanRyukyu Islands

Question 10:
Who of the following was a commander in the Imperial Japanese Navy?


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