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Question 1: The Russian Academy of Arts, informally known as the ________ Academy of Arts, was opened by Count Ivan Shuvalov under the name Academy of the Three Noblest Arts in 1757.
MoscowSaint PetersburgBashkortostanLeningrad Oblast

Question 2: It was a 'renaissance of realism' behind the ________.
Berlin WallIron CurtainCold WarEastern Bloc

Question 3: The academy vigorously promoted the principles of Neoclassicism by sending the most notable Russian painters abroad, in order to learn the ancient and ________ styles of Italy and France.
Italian RenaissanceBaroqueRenaissanceWestern art history

Question 4: After the ________ the academy passed through a series of transformations.
Russian Civil WarOctober RevolutionVladimir LeninRussian Revolution (1917)

Question 5: He also designed a quayside in front of the edifice and adorned it with two 3000-year-old sphinxes, which had to be brought from ________.

Question 6: The old academy's art collection, which included major works by Poussin, David and Ingres, was removed to the ________ across the river.
Winter PalaceHermitage MuseumRussiaSaint Petersburg

Question 7: ________, Mikhail Vrubel and some other painters, however, still regarded the academy's training as indispensable for development of basic professional skills.
RussiaIlya RepinRussiansAlexander Pushkin

Question 8: As a school, Soviet ________ surpassed the best naturalist and realist genre painting in the West during the third quarter of the twentieth century!
Joseph StalinStalinismEastern BlocSocialist realism

Question 9: It was successively renamed the Russian Academy of Arts in 1933, the Academy of Arts of the ________ in 1947, and back to the Russian Academy of Arts in 1991.
East GermanyEastern BlocSoviet UnionJoseph Stalin


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