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Imperative programming: Quiz


Question 1: ________ extends this approach.
Programming paradigmUnified Modeling LanguageObject-oriented programmingObject (computer science)

Question 2: For the needs of the United States Department of Defense, Jean Ichbiah and a team at ________ began designing Ada in 1978, after a 4-year project to define the requirements for the language.
HoneywellGeneral ElectricChevron CorporationIBM

Question 3: Heavily procedural programming, in which ________ are localized to procedures or restricted to explicit arguments and returns from procedures, is known as structured programming.
Critical point (thermodynamics)Phase transitionSolidLiquid

Question 4: Originally based on the article 'Imperative programming' by Stan Seibert, from Nupedia, licensed under the ________.
GNU Free Documentation LicenseFree Software FoundationGNU Lesser General Public LicenseGNU General Public License

Question 5: ________ is imperative programming in which the program is built from one or more procedures (also known as subroutines or functions).
Programming paradigmProcedural programmingFunctional programmingPrototype-based programming

Question 6: COBOL (1960) and ________ (1964) were both attempts to make programming syntax look more like English.
Visual Basic .NETBASICVisual BasicAtari BASIC

Question 7: As in functional programming languages, some logical programming languages such as ________, and database query languages such as SQL, while declarative in principle, also support a procedural style of programming.
C Sharp (programming language)PrologC++Pascal (programming language)

Question 8: Functional and ________ are examples of a more declarative approach.
Programming paradigmLogic programmingDeclarative programmingConcurrent computing

Question 9: Recipes and process checklists, while not ________, are also familiar concepts that are similar in style to imperative programming; each step is an instruction, and the physical world holds the state.
Computer softwareComputer programProgramming languageProgramming paradigm

Question 10: Looping statements (such as in while loops, do while loops and ________) allow a sequence of statements to be executed multiple times.
Control flowFor loopImperative programmingProgramming language


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