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Question 1: The gel used in ________ helps transfer acoustic energy from the transducer to the body and back again.
Obstetric ultrasonographyRadiologyAbdominal ultrasonographyMedical ultrasonography

Question 2: Inside the transmission line, the law of conservation of energy applies: the sum of magnetic and electric energy must always be the same (ignoring the effect of the small amount of energy converted to ________).
Internal energyHeatTemperatureEntropy

Question 3: This principle is used in both ________ and musical instruments.
WooferHorn loudspeakerLoudspeakerSubwoofer

Question 4: A similar effect occurs when ________ (or any electromagnetic wave) transfers between two media with different refractive indices.

Question 5: In older audio systems, reliant on transformers and passive filter networks, and based on the ________ system, the source and load resistances were matched at 600 ohms.
Telephone related articlesTelephoneTelephone exchangeAlexander Graham Bell

Question 6: The total impedance (symbol: Z) is the vector sum of the resistance (symbol: R; a ________) and the reactance (symbol: X; an imaginary number).
Irrational numberComplex numberReal numberTranscendental number

Question 7: Sound coupling into air from a ________ is related to the ratio of the diameter of the speaker to the wavelength of the sound being reproduced.
TweeterLoudspeakerLoudspeaker enclosureSubwoofer

Question 8: The reflection creates a ________, which leads to further power waste.
ResonatorStanding waveResonanceNode (physics)

Question 9: The concept of ________ is perhaps the most commonly known.
Electrical resistanceElectrical networkElectrical impedanceResonator

Question 10: The output stage in semiconductor based endstages with ________ or powertransistors, do have a very low internal resistances.
Bipolar junction transistorIntegrated circuitSemiconductor deviceMOSFET


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