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Immunosuppressant: Quiz


Question 1: They may either be exogenous, as ________, or endogenous, as e.
ChemotherapyATC code LImmunosuppressive drugImmunomodulator

Question 2: Immunosuppressants are applied as a countermeasure; the side effect is that the body becomes more vulnerable to infections and malignancy, much like in an advanced ________ infection.
HIV and AIDS misconceptionsHIVSafe sexAIDS

Question 3: Immunosuppressants may be prescribed when a normal immune response is undesirable, such as in ________.
Immune disorderHypersensitivityAutoimmune diseaseAutoimmunity

Question 4: After an organ transplantation, the body will nearly always reject the new organ(s) due to differences in human leukocyte antigen ________ between the donor and recipient.
HaplogroupHaplotypeAlleleHardy–Weinberg principle

Question 5: An immunosuppressant is any substance that performs immunosuppression of the ________.
Lymphatic systemImmune systemToll-like receptorAdaptive immune system

Question 6: The term immunotoxin is also sometimes used (incorrectly) to label undesirable immunosuppressants, such as various ________.
Marine pollutionAir pollutionWater pollutionPollution

Question 7: As a result, the immune system detects the new tissue as "hostile", and attempts to remove it by attacking it with recipient ________, resulting in the death of the tissue.
Neutrophil granulocyteWhite blood cellPhagocyteEosinophil granulocyte

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