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Question 1: In ________, the induction of active immunity emerged in an attempt to contain smallpox.
Eastern EuropeBalkansWestern EuropeEurope

Question 2: Artificially acquired active immunity can be induced by a ________, a substance that contains antigen.
Antihypertensive drugAntiviral drugVaccineAntibiotic

Question 3: Examples are vaccines against flu, cholera, ________, and hepatitis A.
Bubonic plagueBrucellosisPathogenic bacteriaPlague (disease)

Question 4: The innate system is present from birth and protects an individual from pathogens regardless of experiences, whereas ________ arises only after an infection or immunization and hence is "acquired" during life.
ThymocyteImmune systemAdaptive immune systemInnate immune system

Question 5: Maternal antibodies (MatAb) are passed through the ________ to the fetus by an FcRn receptor on placental cells.
Endocrine systemThyroidTesticlePlacenta

Question 6: In unmatched donors this type of transfer carries severe risks of ________.
HypersensitivityAllergyGraft-versus-host diseaseSerum sickness

Question 7: The birth of active immunotherapy may have begun with ________.
Attalus ISeleucid EmpireMithridates VI of PontusAlexander the Great

Question 8: A characteristic example is the subunit vaccine against ________.
InfluenzaHepatitis B virusHerpes simplex virusRotavirus

Question 9: Immunity is a biological term that describes a state of having sufficient biological defenses to avoid infection, ________, or other unwanted biological invasion.
DiseasePathologyIllnessMental disorder

Question 10: When ________ and T cells are activated by a pathogen, memory B-cells and T- cells develop.
Adaptive immune systemB cellT helper cellPlasma cell


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