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Immortus: Quiz


Question 1: Immortus appears in ________, as Pope of the Church of Immortus.
Negative ZoneMarvel UniverseMultiverse (Marvel Comics)Earth X

Question 2: He is the future (and later, alternate) self of Kang the Conqueror, and first appeared in Avengers #10, and was created by Stan Lee and ________.
Wolverine (comics)Jack KirbyThe Super Hero Squad ShowNamor

Question 3: Later, Immortus officiated at the double wedding of the Vision to the ________, and Mantis to the Swordsman.
Wolverine (comics)Stan LeeQuicksilver (comics)Scarlet Witch

Question 4: Immortus was also responsible for manipulating Iron Man to turn against the Avengers by driving him insane, which resulted in Iron Man's death until he was resurrected by ________ later.
Jack KirbyNamorFranklin RichardsStan Lee

Question 5: [1] He was partially responsible for the creation of the Vision, allegedly creating a temporal copy of the original Human Torch that the android ________ used to create the Vision.
Stan LeeAvengers (comics)UltronJack Kirby

Question 6: [5] He next traveled to the Old West with Thor and ________ in pursuit of Kang,[6] and assisted the Avengers in the defeat of Kang.
NamorMoondragonThanosDefenders (comics)

Question 7: Immortus (Nathaniel Richards) is a fictional character in the ________.
Marvel animated universeStan LeeMultiverse (Marvel Comics)Marvel Universe


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